Dirty burgers with homemade everything

Hi folks,

Sorry things have been a bit quiet of late- had a lot on with the day job. Last week I wore five different Hallowe’en costumes at work to raise some money for Women’s Aid. Check out the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/Five-Costumes-Five-Days-for-Womens-Aid-461627227380693/ or donate at http://www.justgiving.com/sophie-merrick1 .

However, that’s all done now, so time to share a new Scrumptious meal- homemade burgers, rolls, and fries.


I use the Good Housekeeping bread recipe as it’s nice and simple and very versatile.


500g strong bread flour, plus extra for kneading and dusting.

1 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of salt

1 tsp sugar

1 7g sachet instant yeast

300ml warm water



  1. Place all of the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir briskly. Add the olive oil and stir again. Don’t worry if the olive oil doesn’t distribute evenly.
  2. Create a depression in the centre of the bowl and pour in the warm water. Mix again with a spoon, then start to work in with your hand (one hand is best, because read dough is sticky at first and you want one clean hand, so use your other hand to hold the bowl).
  3. When the dough is uniform, form it into a ball, turn out onto a floured surface, and begin kneading. Push the ball to stretch it, then flip it back, turn it sideways, and repeat for about five minutes. When you’re done, the dough should have an elastic consistency- if you pinch a little portion and pull slightly, it should slowly snap back toward the original shape.
  4. When kneaded, cut the dough into 8-10 pieces, form into miniature bun shapes, and place on a floured baking tray. Prove for 30-40 minutes or until doubled in size. You can tell they’ve had long enough because when you gently depress one with your finger, it won’t spring back. Prove in a warm place covered by a damp teacloth, or if like me, your oven has a dough proving function, place into your oven, ensuring you have a tray of water at the bottom.
  5. Once risen, bake at 190 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. You should be able to knock on them and get a hollow sound.

Homemade oven fries


2 large baking potatoes

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Other spices to taste (we used chilli powder and a little paprika to add some kick)


  1. Slice your potatoes thinly, then slice again. I like to keep mine very thin, but if you prefer chunkier chips, then cut ’em bigger!
  2. Rinse off any excess starch, then briefly par-boil the potato strips to soften them slightly.
  3. Drain and allow to steam to lose excess moisture. Spread the fries out onto a baking tray, dust with your seasoning, then generously drizzle with oil. Gently mix with your hands to ensure they’re evenly coated. Bake at around 200 degrees Celsius with around 15 minutes.


Mr Scrumptious and I based our burger mixture on the BBC Good Food burger recipe, with some slight tweaks to the spices. It made four big, tasty burgers. One burger with roll, salad and fries was enough to fill me up completely.


500g beef mince

1 egg yolk

1 tsp thyme, salt, oregano, parprika

2 tsp coriander

A generous grinding of pepper

1 medium onion

1 shallot

1 clove of garlic

1 tbsp olive oil



  1. Finely dice the onion and shallot, and crush the garlic.
  2. Mix the burger ingredients thoroughly in a large mixing bowl until well-combined.
  3. Using clean dry hands, form the mixture into patties and chill in the fridge for a couple of minutes. While the burgers are chilling, pre-heat your grill to about 200 Celsius. If using a gas grill, use a medium-high heat.
  4. Grill on wire for about 20 minutes, until thoroughly cooked and a dark brown on the outside. Check that the burgers are cooked all through. Serve with your homemade buns and fries, plus whatever garnishes or toppings you prefer. You can see in the picture above I opted for pickles and blue cheese, but you can have fun playing with combinations.


Try: barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and bacon; salsa and guacamole; tomato and olive; cheese and chutney; pulled pork and coleslaw; or your own special combination!
Please enjoy, and share your own combos and feedback on the recipe.


Miss Scrumptious xx


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