Punchy chilli con carne

Hi everyone!

I haven’t shared any Scrumptious with you in a while, so I thought I’d update you guys and share the recipe for my homemade chilli con carne. I like to keep the spices simple, just chilli and cumin, but feel free to add other spices if you like. I keep adding chilli at different stages through the cooking process, too, so that it can soak into all of the ingredients.

Tip: for vegetarians or vegans, omit the beef mince and one of the cans of tomatoes. Or substitute the beef mince for Quorn or other meat alternative. This would also help reduce the fat content- this is not a skinny dish!

Here goes!


500g beef mince

Beef stock, stock cube or stock pot

1 can red kidney beans

1 small-medium courgette (zucchini), diced

Olive oil for frying

Half a red onion, diced

1 shallot, diced

3 cloves garlic (minimum, in my humble Italian opinion!) crushed or finely chopped

1-2 peppers, depending on your preference, chopped into chunks

2 cans chopped tomatoes

2-5 sundried tomatoes, cut into chunks (optional)

Chilli powder, plenty!

Cumin, 1 tsp

Jalapeños (optional)

Tabasco (optional)



  1. Fry your onions, shallots and garlic in the olive oil along with the cumin and a shake of chilli powder.
  2. Add the beef mince and fry until browned. Add the stock, then fry in the courgettes until they begin to soften.
  3. Add the chopped peppers and some more chilli powder. As soon as the peppers begin to cook, pour in a can of tomatoes. I also like to add a few sundried tomatoes at this stage, as they bring a really rich flavour.100_4837
  4. Season to your taste, and add in half a fresh chopped jalapeño if you wish, or a couple of slices of pickled jalapeño. I like my chilli really spicy and flavoursome, so I add in quite a lot of chilli powder, jalapeños and a splish of tabasco.
  5. Let the jalapeños soften and the juice from the tomatoes reduce and absorb. Add the kidney beans and another tin of tomatoes.
  6. Keep simmering until everything has cooked to your satisfaction- I like a long low simmer to let the tomatoes soften into a nice pulp and let the chillies really melt away.
  7. Serve with plain boiled rice, salad, or plain pancakes- I use the BBC Good Food recipe– or all three!


And there you have it. Simple, packed with vegetables, full of chilli spice and high in protein. Enjoy!

Miss Scrumptious xx


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