Italian Pear Cake

Hi y’all,

Just a quick one to share my new discovery- Italian pear cake!

I often buy fruit with good intentions, fill the fruit bowl, and then forget all about it. Then I find myself scrabbling for ways to use it and not waste it. Usually, I chuck it into a crumble, but it doesn’t work with pears, they’re just too mushy.

So a quick google revealed this recipe for Italian pear cake. The blogger Mimi shares a lovely fat-free pear cake recipe, which I’ve adapted slightly.


Follow the link above for her recipe, but I made a couple of small adjustments:

  1. Instead of pressing the pear slices into the batter, I layered the pear slices between a thin layer of cake mixture. Cake mix first, then slices of pear, and so on.
  2. I added 2 tbsp of ginger syrup (what your stem ginger floats around in), to add a little flavour to the mixture, and to loosen the very stiff batter.
  3. I only used 2/3 of the mixture (dictated by only having two eggs to hand!)
  4. Lastly, I turned down the oven partway through cooking, to 160 degrees. The top of the cake was cooked and the cake had mostly risen, but I could tell the inside wasn’t quite done yet, so I turned the oven down to let it cook through.

And I highly recommend serving with another drizzle of ginger syrup!


Hope you enjoy!


Miss Scrumptious x


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